May 6, 2010

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May 6, 2010

Journalism and Blogging Podcast


April 28, 2010

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Many will spend long hours on the internet either chatting, using social networks, playing online games, or shopping. Some may end up with a variety of problems such as job loss, divorce, health issues, mounting debit, and death.

In 2005, a 28-year-old South Korean died after playing Starcraft in an Internet Cafe for 50 hours. In February, a man became violent and threatened members in his home after his game of World of War Craft was interrupted. Another, was the death of a 3-year-old child in South Korea. The parents were more concentrated on raising their virtual baby than their own.

 Although these cases are horrific, In 2005 Professor Mark Griffiths told BBC that “It does seem to be the case that online gaming addiction for a small minority is a real phenomenon and people suffer the same symptoms as traditional addictions. But the good news is that it is a small minority.”

While attending college, I have noticed that many of my friends and aquaintances will refer to themselves as Facebook addicts, considering it is a huge social network that younger people use to stay in touch. Although they consider themselves addicts, they don’t realize that the word addiction is a strong word. Like, the cases we just observed above, those are true addicts who are in need of help.

The internet has been growing since the 1990’s and is continuing grow. With online gaming, and social networks also continuing to grow, will internet addictions increase? Although only a small minority have them now, will this be a concern for the future?


Here is a website that you can go to if you feel that you or a friend may have an addiction: http://www.netaddiction.com/

It is better to get help now, than have it get much worse.

In the past, I have mentioned to my friends how some internet addictions can ruin relationships. For example, if a couple is in a relationship and one of them decides to focus their attention on a chatroom and flirt with strangers, you are putting your relationship at risk.

MTV’s True Life has covered almost every topic, but in a recent episode titled “I Have Digital Drama” the show presents two couples whose relationships are at risk because of their digital media addictions. Nicole and George are one of the featured couples and there problem is George is addicted to Facebook. Nicole is jealous of George’s female facebook friends and the flirtacious wall posts that people write on his facebook wall. Nicole on the other hand is attached to her phone and constantly texting. Nicole and George can’t trust eachother and what eachother do through Facebook and texting. Another featured couple is Susie and Devin. Devin is constantly talking, texting, and e-mailing on his phone. Susie gets annoyed and Devin attends therapy, a place where he is willing to work on his addiction.

Although both couples decided to give eachother a second chance, they are two out of many who have this problem. New technology is the reason for this. Cheating in a relationship used to be primarily based on the physical aspects, but now some call flirting with other girls through Facebook and texting cheating.

I believe the reason MTV covered this topic is because social media and the internet has become such a large part of our lives. The internet has so much available to us including e-mail, news, television shows, movies, music, and social networks. Various number of cell phones allow internet access now also.

Although social media is a large part of our lives, is it really worth putting our relationships at risk?

Here is a clip from MTV’s True Life:

Being a college student, Facebook is a website that I often visit. In the past I have admitted to being a Facebook addict because I utilize it more than I should and make references to Facebook when I’m not on the website.

If one feels like they are an addict they seek help from a psychatrist. There has been research on Social Media Addiction, however, little amount of evidence was found.

Although many may spend alot of time on social media websites to relieve stress or for other reasons, is that a bad thing? There are worse addictions including drugs, alcohol, ect. There are worse internet addictions as well like online gambling where you can end up in debt.

The media uses the idea of social media addiction to their advantage. Nnamdi Osuagwu wrote a fictional book called Facebook Addiction. The fictional book revolves around characters that are need serious help because of the impact social media has made on their lives.

Osuagwu started Social Networking Anonymous which is also fictional. The club is a marketing vehicle for the book. News networks, authors, newspapers, ect. enjoy playing up the fact that social media addictions are very serious and need to be helped. Since there is a lack of evidence, should news networks and others continue to talk about this apparent social media addiction?


There are various types of internet addictions. These include social media addiction, online gaming addiction, and online shopping addictions. All of these addictions in general can ruin a relationship if you take your addiction too far.

According to thetelegram.com, a professors marriage was ruined due to his wife’s addiction to instant messaging on the internet. She became involved with chat rooms and talking to other men. I believe people feel as if there needs need to be fulfilled through the virtual world. It is much easier to type your thoughts rather than speaking in person. Although she was not physically cheating on her husband, she was virtually cheating on her husband by having inappropriate conversations with other men.

I can relate to this article because my friend broke up with her boyfriend when she saw that he was talking with other girls through chat rooms. He would forget to call her at night because he would be distracted on the internet. Once she found one of the inappropriate conversations and ended their relationship.

Even though you are fulfilling your needs by chatting with random people on chat rooms, it can hurt others around you. Sometimes people will take it as far as meeting with people they meet in chat rooms, and it can result in a dangerous situation. Do you know anyone that has this problem? What are ways that we can help them get over this addiction to help them from hurting their relationships?


Online Gaming Addictions

February 22, 2010

Many people use the internet as an escape from real life interactions. People can search for news, watch videos, listen to music, shop, chat with friends and family, and play games. The internet can be addicting and it is known that many have become addicted to playing online games. According to a website I found on unhealthy gaming habits and addiction, many will play games to complete missions and reach high scores while others will team up and kill and fight each other in a virtual world.

I wouldn’t consider myself a gaming addict, but I would consider one of my good friends one. He admits to the fact that he has a difficult time removing himself from the computer. Sometimes he will skip his classes to try to beat his high score. He says that it gives him self satisfaction and it makes him feel good.

Many use the internet to substitue for real life interaction. It is morally wrong to kill in a society but you are rewarded if you kill someone in the virtual world. For some their addicitions aren’t extreme and online gaming is considered one of their hobbies, but it is considered bad when:

-You lie to friends and family about your activities.

-Skip school/work to play games.

-Can’t stop your online activity.

-Neglecting your friends or family to play games.

-The need to be by a computer 24/7

Would you consider yourself an online gamer with an addiction?


Facebook Addicts

February 8, 2010

Social media websites are a great way to keep in touch with old friends, new friends, and family members. Although social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube are amusing, they are also addicting. Being a college student and away from home Facebook is a website that I am constantly visiting along with all of my friends. Here are ways to know if you are a Facebook addict:
1) Check it more than your e-mail.
2) You are virtually able to find people that you don’t personally know (Facebook stalking).
3) You have Facebook friends that you have not met.
4) You think about what you want to name your Facebook picture album when you upload new pictures.
5) You think about what your Facebook status is going to be.
6) You upload pictures so your friends on Facebook will comment on them.
7) You constantly make references to Facebook.
Social media is the new trend and although many people are addicted, is it such a bad addiction? People could be addicted to much worse than looking at your friend’s pictures or writing on your friends Facebook walls. Social media has made our world a more interconnected community. It allows our world to be more interactive and allows for social growth to take place.