Internet Addictions: Will they become worse in the future?

April 5, 2010

Many will spend long hours on the internet either chatting, using social networks, playing online games, or shopping. Some may end up with a variety of problems such as job loss, divorce, health issues, mounting debit, and death.

In 2005, a 28-year-old South Korean died after playing Starcraft in an Internet Cafe for 50 hours. In February, a man became violent and threatened members in his home after his game of World of War Craft was interrupted. Another, was the death of a 3-year-old child in South Korea. The parents were more concentrated on raising their virtual baby than their own.

 Although these cases are horrific, In 2005 Professor Mark Griffiths told BBC that “It does seem to be the case that online gaming addiction for a small minority is a real phenomenon and people suffer the same symptoms as traditional addictions. But the good news is that it is a small minority.”

While attending college, I have noticed that many of my friends and aquaintances will refer to themselves as Facebook addicts, considering it is a huge social network that younger people use to stay in touch. Although they consider themselves addicts, they don’t realize that the word addiction is a strong word. Like, the cases we just observed above, those are true addicts who are in need of help.

The internet has been growing since the 1990’s and is continuing grow. With online gaming, and social networks also continuing to grow, will internet addictions increase? Although only a small minority have them now, will this be a concern for the future?

Here is a website that you can go to if you feel that you or a friend may have an addiction:

It is better to get help now, than have it get much worse.


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