Social Media Addiction Exaggerated

March 15, 2010

Being a college student, Facebook is a website that I often visit. In the past I have admitted to being a Facebook addict because I utilize it more than I should and make references to Facebook when I’m not on the website.

If one feels like they are an addict they seek help from a psychatrist. There has been research on Social Media Addiction, however, little amount of evidence was found.

Although many may spend alot of time on social media websites to relieve stress or for other reasons, is that a bad thing? There are worse addictions including drugs, alcohol, ect. There are worse internet addictions as well like online gambling where you can end up in debt.

The media uses the idea of social media addiction to their advantage. Nnamdi Osuagwu wrote a fictional book called Facebook Addiction. The fictional book revolves around characters that are need serious help because of the impact social media has made on their lives.

Osuagwu started Social Networking Anonymous which is also fictional. The club is a marketing vehicle for the book. News networks, authors, newspapers, ect. enjoy playing up the fact that social media addictions are very serious and need to be helped. Since there is a lack of evidence, should news networks and others continue to talk about this apparent social media addiction?


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