Online Gaming Addictions

February 22, 2010

Many people use the internet as an escape from real life interactions. People can search for news, watch videos, listen to music, shop, chat with friends and family, and play games. The internet can be addicting and it is known that many have become addicted to playing online games. According to a website I found on unhealthy gaming habits and addiction, many will play games to complete missions and reach high scores while others will team up and kill and fight each other in a virtual world.

I wouldn’t consider myself a gaming addict, but I would consider one of my good friends one. He admits to the fact that he has a difficult time removing himself from the computer. Sometimes he will skip his classes to try to beat his high score. He says that it gives him self satisfaction and it makes him feel good.

Many use the internet to substitue for real life interaction. It is morally wrong to kill in a society but you are rewarded if you kill someone in the virtual world. For some their addicitions aren’t extreme and online gaming is considered one of their hobbies, but it is considered bad when:

-You lie to friends and family about your activities.

-Skip school/work to play games.

-Can’t stop your online activity.

-Neglecting your friends or family to play games.

-The need to be by a computer 24/7

Would you consider yourself an online gamer with an addiction?



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