MTV’s True Life Covers Digital Drama

March 29, 2010

In the past, I have mentioned to my friends how some internet addictions can ruin relationships. For example, if a couple is in a relationship and one of them decides to focus their attention on a chatroom and flirt with strangers, you are putting your relationship at risk.

MTV’s True Life has covered almost every topic, but in a recent episode titled “I Have Digital Drama” the show presents two couples whose relationships are at risk because of their digital media addictions. Nicole and George are one of the featured couples and there problem is George is addicted to Facebook. Nicole is jealous of George’s female facebook friends and the flirtacious wall posts that people write on his facebook wall. Nicole on the other hand is attached to her phone and constantly texting. Nicole and George can’t trust eachother and what eachother do through Facebook and texting. Another featured couple is Susie and Devin. Devin is constantly talking, texting, and e-mailing on his phone. Susie gets annoyed and Devin attends therapy, a place where he is willing to work on his addiction.

Although both couples decided to give eachother a second chance, they are two out of many who have this problem. New technology is the reason for this. Cheating in a relationship used to be primarily based on the physical aspects, but now some call flirting with other girls through Facebook and texting cheating.

I believe the reason MTV covered this topic is because social media and the internet has become such a large part of our lives. The internet has so much available to us including e-mail, news, television shows, movies, music, and social networks. Various number of cell phones allow internet access now also.

Although social media is a large part of our lives, is it really worth putting our relationships at risk?

Here is a clip from MTV’s True Life:


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