Facebook Addicts

February 8, 2010

Social media websites are a great way to keep in touch with old friends, new friends, and family members. Although social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube are amusing, they are also addicting. Being a college student and away from home Facebook is a website that I am constantly visiting along with all of my friends. Here are ways to know if you are a Facebook addict:
1) Check it more than your e-mail.
2) You are virtually able to find people that you don’t personally know (Facebook stalking).
3) You have Facebook friends that you have not met.
4) You think about what you want to name your Facebook picture album when you upload new pictures.
5) You think about what your Facebook status is going to be.
6) You upload pictures so your friends on Facebook will comment on them.
7) You constantly make references to Facebook.
Social media is the new trend and although many people are addicted, is it such a bad addiction? People could be addicted to much worse than looking at your friend’s pictures or writing on your friends Facebook walls. Social media has made our world a more interconnected community. It allows our world to be more interactive and allows for social growth to take place.


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