Internet Addiction Ruins Relationships

March 8, 2010

There are various types of internet addictions. These include social media addiction, online gaming addiction, and online shopping addictions. All of these addictions in general can ruin a relationship if you take your addiction too far.

According to, a professors marriage was ruined due to his wife’s addiction to instant messaging on the internet. She became involved with chat rooms and talking to other men. I believe people feel as if there needs need to be fulfilled through the virtual world. It is much easier to type your thoughts rather than speaking in person. Although she was not physically cheating on her husband, she was virtually cheating on her husband by having inappropriate conversations with other men.

I can relate to this article because my friend broke up with her boyfriend when she saw that he was talking with other girls through chat rooms. He would forget to call her at night because he would be distracted on the internet. Once she found one of the inappropriate conversations and ended their relationship.

Even though you are fulfilling your needs by chatting with random people on chat rooms, it can hurt others around you. Sometimes people will take it as far as meeting with people they meet in chat rooms, and it can result in a dangerous situation. Do you know anyone that has this problem? What are ways that we can help them get over this addiction to help them from hurting their relationships?


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